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Buy EAN & UPC barcodes with confidence for worldwide use.

Buy A Barcode Blog Post Reassure Online Visitors Your Website Is Safe & Secure First-time visitors to your website won’t provide you with their contact details or buy from you if they’re unsure about your website security. But if you can show that your website is safe and secure, you’ll give them the reassurance they need to deal with your company. And that will make them more likely to share their information, purchase your products or services, and place repeat orders. They’ll also be more likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues and to leave favourable reviews. So how can you do to reassure visitors that your website is safe and secure? Switch to HTTPS hosting Websites are often hosted on HTTP but they aren’t safe. Hackers can access data that’s passed between your website and your visitor’s browser. Unfortunately, that data could include your visitor’s debit or credit card or login details. But with HTTPS, an encrypted, secure connection is